CDBG Administration

We provide administration and environmental services for Community Development Block Grant entitlement, state and disaster recovery programs.

Our team has been very successful helping clients secure CDBG funding and navigate the complexities of the CDBG rules and regulations. We bring a unique blend of engineering, construction, project management, and grant expertise all in one package resulting in CDBG funded projects that are technically feasible, cost effective, and compliant. Our team has a proven record with over $1 billion in community development block programs.

We provide CDBG administration services for a wide variety of projects including water, wastewater, storm water, flood control, and transportation, housing, education, health care, and parks.

Our services include the following:

  • Action plans & recovery plans
  • Policies and procedures
  • Document project eligibility and national objectives
  • Document tie to natural disasters for DR programs
  • Grant applications and project estimates
  • Environmental exemptions, categorical exclusions and assessments
  • Ensure compliance and cost reasonableness for engineering and professional services procurement
  • Review plans and specs and bidding documents for CDBG compliance
  • Ensure compliance during bidding, award and contract execution
  • Process CDBG payment requests for professional and construction services
  • Davis Bacon compliance
  • Section 3, fair housing and other civil rights compliance
  • Review change orders for compliance and reasonableness
  • QA/QC and monitoring assistance
  • CDBG closeout
  • Record keeping, reporting and controls